R’s story

Family Group

Complex Educational Needs

The Royal Pinner Educational Trust have been the glue that have helped my children through their complex educational needs and it has been an incredible success story thus far.

Loss of Income

My husband loved being in sales (soft drinks) but his business suffered greatly when the new mini supermarkets opened up.   At this point, our eldest son, aged 7, was struggling to read and was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Our son was a gifted sportsman and musician but he needed help academically and having no extra money to support him ourselves my husband found The Royal Pinner Educational Trust, who literally turned everything around.

Proud Parents

Our son is now 19 years old, reading Politics and History at University. We could not be more proud of him or more grateful to Royal Pinner.   

Royal Pinner’s Ongoing Impact

Covid impacted our finances yet again and Royal Pinner is now helping our youngest son.  He suffers with ill health and subsequently misses a lot of school.  Our middle son is also dyslexic and Royal Pinner are supporting him with extra tuition during his A levels and have helped towards a new laptop to support his dyslexia needs.

Many, many thanks Royal Pinner Educational Trust.