Our Mission Statement

Providing educational support for children of sales representatives during times of adversity.

Chairman’s Message

A Message from our Chairman – Duncan Cashmore 

I feel that it is a great honour to have been elected Chairman of our Foundation, and I trust that we shall continue to be effective in providing educational support for children of travelling sales people during times of adversity. 

Many years ago, when I was experiencing a tricky time with my career, I was fortunate to receive a series of grants primarily to assist my youngest daughter, Claire, with her education and specialist swimming training.  Royal Pinner’s assistance, at a crucial stage of Claire’s education, was invaluable.  Claire went on to graduate from Leeds University as well as to participate in the Paralympic Games held in Athens, Beijing, London and Rio – where she won a Gold Medal.  Obviously, our Royal Pinner grants were withdrawn when Lottery funding became available, but we shall be forever grateful for the support we received at a critical stage of Claire’s development.   

Being in receipt of support is one side of the Trust and, since becoming a Trustee several years ago, I have also seen the other side – helping to alleviate the hardships encountered by our beneficiaries and new applicants – and I have felt very humbled.  Most of our families face and endure far more difficult circumstances than I did, but, on the other hand, I have also seen how effective our grants and pastoral support can be.  

Our focus remains on the sons and daughters of commercial travellers where there is also a specific need or hardship, and we aim to continue to provide effective educational support during the years to come. 

Image of Trustee