Our Mission Statement

Providing educational support for children of sales representatives during times of adversity.

Chairman’s Message

A Message from our Chairman – Gillian Brookes 

It is my pleasure, as former deputy Chairman, to take on the responsibilities and challenges of Chairman of The Royal Pinner Educational Trust. 

It is a time of economic pressure for all of us but none more so than the families of our beneficiaries and, what will be, new applicants.

Despite the straitened financial circumstances in which the Trust finds itself, we are fully committed to supporting the education of every child, of travelling sales people, who has turned to us for help and meets our criteria.

In my opinion, there can be nothing more important than enabling the continuity of education of those children of families who temporarily or, sadly, permanently turn to us for help and support at an extremely difficult time.

Our Board of Trustees, many of whom are previous beneficiaries themselves, derive huge satisfaction from knowing they have made a difference to young lives at a critical stage in their development. 

It is my fervent wish that we continue the good work of the Trust supporting and helping our beneficiaries in dealing with their hardships and difficulties and in achieving their own individual potential.