J’s story

Children in a play

A Shock Diagnosis

My husband, who had been a travelling sales representative for many years was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, three years ago.

The diagnosis came as a complete shock, and with three children to care for our life fell apart before us… I can’t even begin to explain the complete despair.

Feeling the Financial Strain

My husband had to stop working immediately, which had a huge financial impact on us.

We kept our heads above water but knew that the time would come when we would need to start cutting the ‘nice to haves’.

After reducing numerous costs it became apparent that the children’s activities would need to be reduced.  We didn’t want to have to do that as they love singing, drama and rugby, and these activities have always been a great escape from what’s going on at home.

That’s when we found the Royal Pinner Educational Trust.  After a meeting and some paperwork, they have helped us financially keep the clubs going.

Royal Pinner’s Impact

No words are enough for the thanks we have!!  It’s been an absolute blessing and a light in a very dark situation!!  I can’t begin to tell you what that small piece of normality means to the children and to us, they are already dealing with so much and this has meant the world!