L’s story

Two happy children

A Struggle to Cope

We won’t ever be able to thank Royal Pinner enough for what they have done for us and the impact it has had on all our lives.

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis. His biggest problems are fatigue and balance issues, he is also registered blind.  At times coping is difficult for us all.

Co-Curricular Support and Pastoral Care

My children attend a small, nurturing school with excellent pastoral care. It’s a massive relief to know that they really are being looked after and are given support when needed. 

Royal Pinner has also helped with music lessons and school trips. We’ve happily witnessed our son’s confidence and belief in himself grow.  

My daughter has not only had excellent care from teachers but has benefited from counselling.

Royal Pinner’s Impact

We have two settled and happy children. I honestly believe that the support from the Trust contributes hugely to this.

For my husband and I, Royal Pinner have been a constant support and always have time to listen and offer advice.  This support has been invaluable and much appreciated. It really helps to know that someone cares. They have become our friends over the last 5 years.

Asking for help is never easy, but please do as it can make the world of difference.