B & E’s story

Mum with her 2 teenage children

Challenging Times of Loss and Adjustment

I will always appreciate the support the Royal Pinner Educational Trust have given us as a family following the ongoing illness and traumatic death of my husband.

The Trust has steadfastly been there for me, helping me find stability, by supporting both my children throughout their lives and on into young adulthood.

Royal Pinner has provided me with the peace of mind and reassurance to keep going as a single parent, through some truly difficult, and challenging personal times.

Support and Guidance

Initially Royal Pinner guided me through the processes of securing school places for my children, which proved invaluable in keeping us together as a close-knit family unit and allowing me to return to work with the knowledge that both children were happy and settled.

Seven years ago, I had no real appreciation or insight into how difficult things would be on my own and I appreciate more and more how lucky I am to have had Royal Pinner by my side as a second family, through the tough days, months, and teenage years.

Thank you for your constant support, keeping me going and maintaining my sanity.  

Royal Pinner’s Impact

Royal Pinner has provided hope and renewed opportunity at a time when we were struggling to come to terms with our loss and new circumstances.

My son lost his Dad when he was eleven and Royal Pinner have helped financially with his school fees. This allowed my son to attend a fantastic boarding school, helping him grow both academically and socially. With the help of Royal Pinner, my son has gone on to gain his GCSE’s and A levels. The school also provided some amazing opportunities for personal growth and development such as rugby and canoeing.  

He is now studying Accounting and Finance at university.  None of this would have been remotely possible without the financial help and inspiration of the Royal Pinner school.

My daughter has struggled emotionally following the loss of her Dad. 

She has been lucky enough to attend a smaller school than if she had stayed in the state school system. It has been hugely beneficial for me to have both of my lively children attend schools with exceptional commitment to pastoral care. It was taken a lot of the day-to-day worry and anxiety out of parenting.

I cannot thank Royal Pinner enough for their support, always being on hand for help and advice. It has been life changing for the three of us and there are not enough words to express my gratitude.