S’s story

Young boy climbing tree

A Struggle to Cope

After a relationship breakdown when my two children were 18 months and 4 years, I found myself struggling to work full time and pay for the nursery and kids club fees for them.

Nursery Fees

I was working as a field sales account manager at the time so I would often be travelling around the country and back home very late. Nursery fees and kids club fees for a full-time week were unaffordable.

My friend recommended I get in touch with the Royal Pinner Educational Trust, who have been amazing since first contact.   The application was straightforward to complete and we keep in regular contact with school reports, photos and phone calls.


My son often struggles with anxiety and has emotional needs that became more apparent in lockdown. We have been able to get him the help he needs at his state school and through outside agencies.

Royal Pinner’s Impact

We are extremely lucky to have found Royal Pinner. They have helped us a great deal and been a great support.