K’s story

Siblings wearing red, hugging

Family Break-up and Redundancy

I was at the very lowest point in my life and it felt like everything was falling apart.  My husband, who was a travelling sales representative for many years, left the family and shortly afterwards was made redundant.

I am a problem solver by nature and I just couldn’t see a way out. Then I discovered the Royal Pinner Educational Trust.

Stability for my children

Helping my children stay at the schools they loved so much had an enormous impact far beyond education.

For the children, whose lives had changed completely, and who were desperately unhappy and scared, having the continuity of staying at their schools was essential for their education and their mental well-being.

School became a safe place, a place where the world hadn’t changed.

Royal Pinner’s Impact

The knock-on effect was that I had one part of my life now under control.  The children were secure, happiercoping, and they had support.

I was able to deal with everything else as my children were OK.  Like most parents they are my priority. 

What Royal Pinner does is so much more than financial help. It’s support, it’s a shoulder to cry on, it’s knowing someone is on your side.

I always say, when the world was darkest, they were the light.  Sounds melodramatic? It isn’t.